Leverage growth hacking strategies

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April 21, 2021, 5:27 PM GMT+0

Growth hacking has helped SaaS companies like Dropbox and Airbnb and ecommerce companies like Dollar Shave Club and Casper grow significantly.

Using growth hacking tactics and strategies like FOMO and social proof can help ecommerce companies achieve scalable growth. Businesses can show users live information about recent purchases and other brand-customer interactions to apply peer pressure and induce FOMO among target audiences.

Brands can also leverage limited time offers, provide exclusive deals and free shipping. Highlighting testimonials and social proof can further help brands influence consumer purchase decisions and boost sales. Marketers should also decrease their website loading time and avoid bragging about their companies in marketing copies.

Using a conversational tone and a clear CTA explaining why customers should take that action can help improve conversions. They can also use tactics like referral programs and email segmentation to amplify sales.

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