Enhance organic reach on Facebook

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April 22, 2021, 5:34 PM GMT+0

Businesses should target their specific niches on Facebook to boost their organic reach.

Companies can use Facebook Audience Insights to access audience data and analyse audience activity, demography, location, pages they follow, and their device types. They should also use Facebook Audience Insights to look for pages in their niche and understand how these pages drive engagement on the platform.

By simply interacting with other Facebook pages in the niche, companies can drive organic traffic to their page. These interactions signal to the algorithm that both the pages are similar in terms of content and audiences.

Marketers should also look at their competitor’s content to find the right messaging style for their Facebook page. Creating content that positively reflects the audience can help generate engagement. They can also post short, animated, shareable videos to boost their organic reach on Facebook.

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