Ensure email deliverability with opt-ins

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April 22, 2021, 2:54 AM GMT+0

Sending emails at regular intervals helps build awareness and keeps them out of spam folders.

To ensure emails don’t end up in the audience’s spam folders, brands must send well-crafted emails to an up-to-date email list. During the subscription process, obtain leads with consent and double opt-ins to create and maintain a healthy email list.

At least once a quarter, marketers should audit their email lists to ensure the email ids are relevant and still in use. Use simple, descriptive, and interesting subject lines and avoid “spammy” terms like "free" to prevent emails from getting sent to the spam folder.

Craft email bodies with an average of 434.48 words and prevent unnecessary pictures, as emails with too many images could get flagged as spams by email providers. To ensure that the email is delivered, brands must have clear links that lead directly to their landing pages.

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