Focus on improving email CTOR

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April 22, 2021, 5:24 PM GMT+0

Click to Open Rate (CTOR) focuses on the number of unique clicks and unique opens an email receives.

Businesses must prioritise CTOR as it can help them understand whether customers find the information inside their emails relevant, valuable and engaging. Ideally, companies should have a CTOR between 20-30%. With user attention spans becoming shorter with time, businesses should create easy-to-scan content to improve email CTOR and engagement.

Marketers should highlight their main talking points on the top of the email and use headlines to capture user attention quickly. They should break the email copy into small chunks and maintain a logical flow. Brands should also make sure that their email copies are clear and engaging.

Companies should ensure that their emails - including the headline - should strike an emotional chord with the target audience. Using high-quality images, clear CTAs along with personalised subject lines can further help improve CTOR.

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