Lower digital fatigue with AR and VR

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April 22, 2021, 3:21 AM GMT+0

Experiment with different content formats and technologies to increase engagement.

In the absence of in-person events and due to the lack of personalisation in formats like virtual events, consumers are facing digital fatigue. Brands must use data to segment consumers and personalise content marketing efforts accordingly to combat digital fatigue.

Building conversational marketing campaigns on channels like WhatsApp or SMS can help brands have dialogues with consumers and personalise their marketing efforts. Deploy a human-centric approach for advertising and content distribution and seek consumer feedback to enhance conversational marketing strategies and increase customer loyalty.

Crafting interactive content through AR and VR channels, hosting contests, challenges, and more on social media can help brands boost engagement and reduce digital fatigue. Marketers should incorporate interactive features in the brand’s website and adjust the frequency of their content output to minimise fatigue.

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