Review packaging to drive sustainability

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April 22, 2021, 2:29 AM GMT+0

82% of global ecommerce consumers want their packaging material to be recyclable.

Implementing sustainable business practises is the need of the hour, with climate change accelerating. Offsetting the delivery of carbon emissions and minimising the carbon footprint generated by the manufacturing and operations can help brands enhance their sustainability efforts.

Procuring eco-friendly materials and auditing existing resources allows brands to effectively measure and reduce their carbon footprint or even achieve carbon-neutral results. Businesses must invest in renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind energy to power their offices and drive sustainability.

Adopting biodegradable packaging and recycling the waste generated from the packaging process can help companies run their businesses sustainably. Brands could follow the example of Meow Meow Tweet a skincare company that uses paper boxes, glass jars, and paper tubes to pack its products.

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