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April 22, 2021, 3:14 AM GMT+0

Behavioural changes are often driven by consumer beliefs. 

With COVID-19 causing shifts in long-standing consumer behaviour, and habits and loyalties, marketers must re-evaluate consumer beliefs to develop effective marketing strategies. Pick a specific behaviour that’s undergoing a shift to identify changing consumer beliefs.

Brands must identify “inhibiting” beliefs that prevent from directly marketing to the consumers and leverage the new beliefs ushered in by the pandemic. For example, movie studios are now able to directly release movies to consumers, whereas, theatres were imperative during pre-pandemic times.

Brands can challenge these inhibiting beliefs by implementing new advertising strategies and marketing innovative buying approaches at every touchpoint of the consumer’s journey. Brands should track sales data to understand the behavioural changes and develop models and strategies to replace negative consumer behaviours with positive ones.

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