Use PR content to drive sales

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April 23, 2021, 11:37 AM GMT+0

Social media posts could help PR teams convey brand stories, launch press releases and drive sales.

Businesses can utilise their PR department to support their sales efforts. Asking the PR department to craft content and articles for sales packets like pamphlets, DVDs, graphs and business cards can help companies better educate prospects about their products and services and increase sales.

To stand out and effectively promote products, PR departments could produce enticing write-ups and content that attracts media’s attention. PR teams should make sure the information gathered for the write-ups is newsworthy and informative.

Creating unique, targeted and personalised local content and linking the story to its sources is recommended to engage news outlets, build trust and improve sales. Treating PR articles, social media posts and other resources as ads by linking them to the site can help brands extend reach.

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