Leverage affiliate marketing to boost sales

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April 26, 2021, 5:26 PM GMT+0

This piece suggests effective affiliate marketing strategies based on an interview with affiliate marketing leader Dustin Howes.

Leveraging affiliate marketing can assist brands in fostering customer relationships, brand advocacy and boost sales. Happy customers and evangelists can act as important brand influencers, helping companies expand reach. To further motivate more people to promote the brand, companies can consider offering a monetary incentive.

Instead of pushing affiliates to instantly promote the brand, companies should onboard them properly through supporting materials like links and marketing assets. Offering a monthly newsletter can also help companies keep affiliates engaged.

Companies should keep affiliates updated with upcoming promotions, product changes, and new features to further engagement and activity. They should also reach out to their top-performing active sales partners via personal emails or calls. Affiliate managers should also provide top-notch support to build loyalty among affiliate partners.

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