Offer value to collect first-party data

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April 26, 2021, 2:47 AM GMT+0

Create educational and interactive marketing campaigns to entertain customers and gather first-party data.

B2C businesses must strive to meet customers' needs and create confidence through a zero-data collection policy to collect data with their consent. With 91% of customers more willing to purchase from brands that provide personalised recommendations, as per Accenture, brands should demonstrate value in their offerings in return for data.

Marketers should communicate with customers more explicitly and reward consumers with something of value to obtain psychographic information through zero-data collection policies. To build brand trust, brands must be clear about their data collection and use processes.

Creating easily accessible and interactive data acquisition forms is recommended to prompt prospects to share their information. Companies must engage with customers on a daily basis and ask specific questions in order to collect new information and provide consumers with personalised interactions at scale.

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