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April 27, 2021, 2:32 AM GMT+0

Conducting content marketing audits can help brands weed out “bad content”.

Although content marketing helps marketers promote products and services, bad content, which is written solely to generate traffic, can impact a brand's exposure. Bad content is often poorly written, contains typos, semantic errors and adds little value to the conversation.

Writing, publishing and distributing bad content harms a publisher’s credibility, and affects a site’s SEO, as Google algorithms measure content quality to rank. Further, bad content erodes consumer confidence in brands over time, negatively impacts the performance of marketing campaigns, and lowers ROI and increases costs.

Brands must make sure their content claims are backed up with sufficient data and that they serve the specific function of informing prospects. Marketers should write content with appropriate grammar, spelling, syntax, and consumer feedback to enhance their content marketing strategy.

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