Build a unique custom audience strategy

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April 27, 2021, 5:15 PM GMT+0

By developing a custom audience strategy that is unique to the business, marketers can effectively turn audiences into buyers.

Instead of following lead generation templates, companies should think about their customer journey and lead generation strategy as an experience. Interviewing ideal buyers can help companies better understand their prospects, build a custom audience, and create an experience that effectively attracts their audience. 

Businesses can attract leads via webinars, build a relationship and then pitching an offer. However, they should customise the webinar’s length and topic according to their audiences. The custom audience strategy should also consider the number of steps built into the nurturing phase for effectively targeting potential buyers.

Marketers can also create warm audiences to target with Facebook Ads. Using Facebook Ads Manager can help keep audiences warm for lead generation. Analysing website traffic data can also help create website custom audiences for lead generation.

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