Longer YouTube videos improve watch time

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April 27, 2021, 12:46 PM GMT+0

Running keyword research can help marketers gather effective content ideas for their YouTube videos.

To increase viewing time on a YouTube channel, brands must ensure more users watch their videos, as YouTube algorithm only recommends videos with the most views. Creating videos with an enticing, compelling and visually fascinating introduction, while directly addressing the audiences can help marketers attract viewer’s attention in the first 15 seconds.

Marketers could break down videos into chapters with captivating narratives and develop a pattern in each video to boost engagement rates. Conveying brand stories and collaborating with influencers on videos can further help brands increase viewing time on their YouTube channel.

Publishing longer videos can help brands target niche audiences and increase their watch time without having a bigger viewership. Producing a series and using YouTube analytics is recommended to enhance watch time and gather performance insights.

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