Leverage experiential marketing

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April 28, 2021, 5:35 PM GMT+0

Millennials and Gen Z consider experience as a critical factor that pushes them to make purchase decisions.

Event marketing, pop-up stores, flash mobs and marketing in shopping centres are popular types of experiential marketing. But, following COVID-19 pandemic, marketers need to innovate for creating liveable and memorable experiences without any physical contact with customers.

Companies can consider hybrid formats – online meeting and actions in streaming or live – to provide customers with engaging experiences. They should create an engaged community to boost loyalty. Conducting an audit can help brands find common ground between both the brand and its customers.

Marketers should focus on these shared interests to initiate conversions and create an engaged online community. Using tools like Zoom can help brands effectively engage with their potential buyers. Marketers can also keep prospects invested by creating polls or games, showcasing fan appreciation and promoting UGC.

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