Spends on identity resolution to rise

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April 29, 2021, 1:36 AM GMT+0

Martech Intelligence Report highlights trends and analysis on identity resolution platforms.

US marketers are anticipated to spend $2.6 billion on identity resolution platforms by 2022, as per Winterberry Group forecast. This would be an increase of 188% over the last four years. The growth highlights the significance of identity resolution platforms in enhancing customer experiences and marketing initiatives.

According to an Epsilon-Conversant study, marketers (44%) say identity resolution provides complete consumer profiles and improves data control & security (42%). However, marketers lose access to third-party cookies and location as a result of customers using various identifiers across desktops and cell phones.

Only 11% of Android and 10% of iOS users agreed to share location data with apps, as per a 2020 Airship report. Another study found 80% of marketers being “very” or “moderately” dependent on third-party cookies with 46% being prepared for user privacy changes.

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