Collect first-party data using CRM

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April 30, 2021, 1:23 AM GMT+0

Hosting live events like ask-me-anything on social media channels can help brands build trust and collect first-party data.

As first-party data is directly gathered from consumers through a brand’s owned media channels, this data can help businesses build complete buyer personas and personalise content and ads. To effectively capture first-party data, companies must be transparent about their data collection processes and use cases.

Installing tracking pixels on websites and using customer relationship management platforms with chatbots can help brands collect first-party data from prospects. Brands should entice their targeted audiences with rewards like discounts, giveaways and more to encourage users to share their information.

Ecommerce brands could promise personalised offers and discounts to persuade consumers to sign up on their site, in exchange for their information. Deploy interactive tools like online quizzes and host consumer surveys to gather first-party data from prospective consumers with their consent.

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