Craft authentic messages to sell CPG

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April 30, 2021, 8:20 AM GMT+0

Interacting with consumers through social media, email, SMS and more can help CPG brands retain consumers.

Engaging customers through omnichannel experiences on social media and other channels could help CPG brands boost customer lifetime value and drive sales. CPG companies should build their online presence by creating authentic engagement campaigns like subscription services, personalised recommendations and more to gain consumers’ confidence online.

As consumer’s purchasing habits shift online, conveying authentic brand stories and offering interactive online experiences can engage shoppers emotionally and drive purchase decisions. Creating genuine, transparent, ethical marketing messages can help CPG brands build consumers’ trust and drive sales.

CPG brands should create review strategies and leverage influencer marketing to build social proof and persuade consumers with high purchase intent. Further, incorporating user-generated content like product images or videos into the marketing mix can help CPG brands authentically advertise and boost sales.

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