Leverage psychographic segmentation

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April 30, 2021, 5:09 PM GMT+0

When used correctly, psychographic data can give a significant boost to marketing efficiency and conversion rates.

Psychographics refers to an individual’s characteristics like personality, attitudes, values, opinions and interests. The process of separating or grouping an audience based on these qualities is called psychographic segmentation.

Conducting a customer survey or interviewing audiences – using a series of questions around views, beliefs and preferences – can help brands collect psychographic data. Combining psychographic data with demographic data and other forms of data can help organisations better understand their audience. This data can also aid in enhancing targeting and optimising campaigns.

Marketers can fine-tune their delivery and ensure their message only reaches the most relevant audiences by adding hobbies and interests to their targeting parameters. Businesses should further use these psychographic data points to create multiple landing page variations. Each landing page speaking directly to the motivations, values, and concerns of each subset of the audience.

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