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April 30, 2021, 10:48 AM GMT+0

Publishers could soon be vying for ad dollars at scale as Clubhouse grows.

As Clubhouse’s user-generated (UGC) audio content expands, publishers with original audio content, should develop new audio strategies. The audio as a social network model used by Clubhouse could shift the balance of power away from publishers and towards UGC creators.

Further, with Clubhouse's entrance into the market, an explosion of new audio content is expected due to low UGC production costs. Similar to YouTube, Clubhouse would have access to an unrestricted audio inventory without having to create original content.

Publishers in the audio content market should build their brand, reputation and produce quality audio content in their niche that is discernible. Creating content that supports the core business with owned audio channels on apps like Clubhouse can help publishers enhance their audio strategy.

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