Use keyword filters to avoid fake news

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April 30, 2021, 5:04 PM GMT+0

Brands should take steps to reduce the chances of inadvertently supporting fake news or misinformation related content.

A recent IAB report found news content is effective for advertisers. Thus, brands should find ways to avoid junk while actively supporting good journalism. Companies should have well-defined standards about the kind of news they are comfortable appearing around.

Brands should work with agencies or programmatic platforms on media planning that align with their news content standards. Joining new industry initiatives such as the Media Roundtable and Global Alliance for Responsible Media can help brands be updated.

Advertisers should also integrate brand safety solutions that include keyword filtering along with contextual filtering of disinformation and hate speech. They can use solutions like IAS, Double Verify, and The Trade Desk to reduce the chances of advertising along with fake news.

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