Align B2B content with brand values

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May 03, 2021, 10:41 AM GMT+0

B2B marketers often struggle to create content that is interesting, interactive, or compelling, as per a Forester study.

With most B2B content often being ineffective, writing content infused with personality and authenticity can help marketers meet their audience's expectations and build trust. Creating content aligned with brand values and taking a stand on certain challenges and issues can help B2B marketers offer valuable insights.

Avoid using long sentences and paragraphs, use active voice and format headers and bullet points to make the content highly readable. Brands must ensure their content is informative and provides key takeaways to effectively resolve issues, rather than just being self-promotional.

For example, Shopify creates podcasts, guides, and business courses to provide key insights to its clients. Producing authentic content assets like themed ebooks, animated video explainers, and more can help brands effectively convey their brand story and drive interaction.

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