Build backlinks to improve SEO

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May 04, 2021, 1:34 PM GMT+0

SEO, as compared to PPC advertising, can be more cost-effective and a work as long-term strategy to amplify a business’s online presence.

To build a successful ecommerce SEO campaign, marketers must focus on keywords, product page SEO and building backlinks. Using keyword research tools and search engine auto-suggest tools can help marketers find out relevant keywords. Use insights along with long-tail and LSI keywords that align with their prospects’ search intent to improve content marketing efforts.

Product page titles must be unique, and be based on buyer’s search intent instead of the brand. Having a URL that matches the product’s title page can help boost ranking on SERP.

They should also include keywords in meta descriptions to make search engine crawling easier. Conducting competitor analysis and sorting by domain rating can help brands find opportunities to earn quality backlinks from high-authority domains in their niche.

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