Retail local searches least hit in 2020

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May 04, 2021, 12:09 PM GMT+0

A RIO SEO report studied COVID-19’s impact on website clicks, click to call and clicks for driving directions, locally.

The study found local searches fluctuated in 2020, with drops in the initial months followed by recovery with a gradual return to pre-pandemic levels. Between February and April last year, all business verticals experienced drops in total views. Recovery began in May and all metrics stabilised by Q4 2020.

The click to call metric peaked in April and May 2020. For sit-down restaurants in particular, the metric ended 2020 at a higher rate YoY.

Restaurant sector was one the worst hit sector due the coronavirus crisis. Retail suffered the least turbulence amid the pandemic in 2020. Business and financial services, QSRs, sit-down restaurants, retail, healthcare and hospitality were the categories studied for the report.

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