US Students' data at risk on school apps

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May 04, 2021, 2:19 PM GMT+0

Me2B Alliance’s audit of US school apps found that 18% of public school apps were associated with “very high-risk third parties”.

Most US school utility apps were found to be sharing data with third-parties through advertisement and analytics software development kits (SDKs), as per the report. On average, schools had over 10 third-party SDKs integrated, as most school districts relied on outside vendors to create apps.

With SDKs often not considering age before sharing data, information like unique mobile ad IDs was sent to third-parties. 67% public school apps shared data with third parties, compared to 57% of private school apps.

Brands like Disney, Viacom and other ad tech companies recently agreed to delete inappropriately acquired data from children’s gaming apps, after multiple class-action lawsuits by FTC. Zach Edwards, the founder of Victory Medium, says SKD companies should assess their data collection process.

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