Brands rethinking spends towards iOS

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May 05, 2021, 12:27 PM GMT+0

Advertisers are being cautious about how ATT plays out.

Apple's privacy update has left ad executives perplexed, as iOS users received notifications about disabling cross-app tracking. If mobile ad executives want to continue advertising on Apple's App Store, they'll have to get innovative and address the consent issue.

Advertisers are still cautious to adopt ATT since they are still trying to figure out how to advertise with fewer or no mobile identifiers. In addition, with fewer ad tech vendors with SKADNetwork IDs, and privacy thresholds from Apple, most advertisers are scrambling to reach iOS devices.

To compensate for the difference in CPM rates between users with and without IDFA, many are prioritising high-performance ad formats like reward videos. To limit damage caused by ATT implementation, advertisers are diverting some portion of dollars from iOS to Android.

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