Spring clean your email lists

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May 05, 2021, 5:39 PM GMT+0

Studies indicate that an email database decays by around 22% every year.

Around one out of every five email addresses on a mailing list turns invalid every year. Regularly cleaning email lists using a professional list cleaning service can help companies remove the undeliverable, invalid and poor-quality email addresses and eventually prevent email bounces.

Companies can further use a real-time email verification system to ensure emails are sent to the correct addresses. Using a good email marketing partner or ESP can prevent email bounces due to sender IP blocked. Marketers can also fine-tune their content strategy and maintain email relevancy and consistency to avoid getting blocked.

Marketers should avoid sending emails with attachments to everyone, except middle-of-the-funnel prospects. If they want to send a video, document or any large file, they should share a link to avoid bounce emails due to large attachment.

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