Leverage behavioural targeting for emails

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May 06, 2021, 5:14 PM GMT+0

Behavioural targeting is defined as the marketing process that transcends demographic data and focuses on specific behaviour.

Behavioural targeting enables a more practical level of personalisation in both content and user experience. Web analytics tools, IP addresses, cookies and browsing history can provide marketers with user behavioural data.

Marketers can create more robust user profiles using that information. These profiles can inform marketers how to engage with those users by addressing their personal needs, preferences and attitudes.  With behavioural targeting showing where users would go and what type of content would win them back, companies can use behavioural data for effective remarketing and retargeting.

Behavioural targeting can also inform persona-based email campaigns and video ads. With users' behavioural data, marketers can effectively create personalised content that fosters user engagement and loyalty. Behavioural targeting can further help marketers in acquiring new customers and optimising website navigation.

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