Retailers must use influencer marketing

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May 06, 2021, 5:00 PM GMT+0

Influencer marketing can help retail brands effectively create visual engagement.

One of the critical challenges that retail brands face due to the pandemic is the loss of the ability to create visual engagement with customers. With people crawling back towards normalcy, retail brands must find ways to engage prospects via visual mediums as human brains are designed to respond to visual stimuli.

Brands can leverage display advertising to create a visual engagement. But, influencer marketing can help retail brands generate visual engagement with customers in a more authentic manner. Influencers already have loyal and engaged audiences, who are more likely to convert when reached via influencer marketing than traditional display advertising. 

With people staying at home, they look to their favourite influencers for everything from upcoming trends and inspiration to home furnishing ideas. Retail marketers can capitalise on this trust to create a new online shop window that converts buyers.

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