Shopping list marketing improves sales

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May 06, 2021, 3:42 AM GMT+0

AdAdapted’s survey of US marketing executives in the CPG industry revealed that nearly 49% of consumers make digital shopping lists.

The report found that better ways of reaching consumers in the middle and lower parts of the funnel are being sought by 93% of CPG marketers. 95% of CPG marketers ranked shopping list marketing as a reliable process to reach consumers.

However, 73% of marketers lack the tools to influence consumers. 94% of respondents say shopping list marketing can help influence consumer intent, followed by measuring intent (93%) and creating intent (91%).

Moreover, as per studies, 81% of consumers purchase every item in their digital shopping list. Ethan Goodman, SVP of Commerce Media and Innovation, The Mars Agency, says CPG companies can leverage shopping marketing lists “to advertise and catch the attention of consumers.”

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