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May 10, 2021, 5:10 PM GMT+0

With Apple’s ATT in action, businesses should focus more on email designs to maximise marketing efforts.

Though email has remained an important marketing channel in the age of social media, the average time spent by a subscriber on an email has dropped noticeably. Marketers, therefore, need to pay close attention to email design and practices.

Crafting a crisp, personalised and intriguing subject line can help boost email open rates. But, marketers should ensure the subject line is limited to 65 characters and conveys the purpose of the email without misleading.

Marketers should stick to a single column layout and avoid centre-alignment to improve accessibility. They should also use headers in the email copy and ALT Text for images to help those using screen readers better understand the brand’s message. Brands should also keep their CTA button size as “44X44 px” and the text size as “16 px” or more.

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