Avoid ads around sensitive content

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May 11, 2021, 6:14 PM GMT+0

A vast majority of Britons feel advertisers should block hate speech, pornographic, violent and other such content forms.

The 2021TAG/BSI UK Brand Safety Survey found 85% of consumers would boycott brands whose content appears next to COVID-19 conspiracy content. Most UK consumers would also “curtail purchases from a favourite brand” that advertises near terrorist recruiting (93%), malware (92%), hate speech (89%) and illegal content (89%).

Around 90% of online content is perceived as “dangerous, offensive, or inappropriate for some users”. 72% of respondents also said they wanted advertisers to make sure their ads are not placed around that content.

80% of UK consumers claimed to be “somewhat or much more” aware of brand safety issues in 2021 than at the same time last year. The article states that with consumers becoming increasingly aware of unsafe digital environments, brands must be careful about their ad placements.

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