Creative impacts campaign performance

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May 12, 2021, 5:56 PM GMT+0

A BrandTotal study found creatives have a more prolonged impact on social advertising campaign performance.

More than half of marketers said creative is the leading factor behind successful brand campaigns, while 48% identified media as the leading factor. But, only 37% of marketers said they benchmark their creatives against their competitors advertising creatives by using an intelligence tool.

Around 87% of respondents reported having a tool that measures the impact of creative performance. The study shows an inefficiency gap in how competitive creative data is getting to CMOs. Around 82% of respondents have shifted campaign creative as a reaction to competitor creatives.

The numbers indicate that most of those who use a creative intelligence tool are not getting automated insights and analytics on competitor advertising creatives. A majority of marketers also have to screenshot or discover competitors’ creative campaigns manually.

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