Let brand culture guide tone of voice

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May 12, 2021, 2:39 AM GMT+0

Being well versed with the brand culture and having good writing skills can help marketers define a brands’ tone of voice.

A brand’s tone of voice is how a company communicates with its target audiences, in terms of personality and perspective. A consistent tone of voice infused with brand personality and values improves communication across media formats and increases trust and revenue.

Conduct audience research to gain insights about target demographics and mirror their communication style to craft resonating messages. Defining core values and developing a messaging architecture with prioritised goals can help brands create a tone of voice that reflects their personality.

Businesses should audit all their content resources to identify content that aligns with their personality and perspective. Marketers can then use the collected data to define their brands’ tone of voice that’s coherent, engaging and implement it in their communication channels.

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