Multichannel marketing is still a struggle

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May 12, 2021, 2:28 PM GMT+0

A recent study by OnePoll for Upland BlueVenn found marketers are still struggling with multichannel marketing.

British consumers use more than 20 channels on average to interact with brands across online and offline touchpoints. The modern hybrid consumers expect brands to deliver a consistent user experience across all touchpoints. Around three in four consumers said they would stop purchasing from a brand - both online and physical stores - if they had a poor user experience.

The study found unifying consumer data is a challenge among 83% of marketers when many users have multiple identities across platforms. Around 64% of marketers also said their teams lack the skills to analyse and segment customer data.

As a result, only 35% of consumers said the brands they interact with understand their needs. This piece suggests that marketers must focus on understanding consumer needs and act on their customer data.

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