Optimise brand voice for SEO

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May 12, 2021, 2:32 PM GMT+0

A company's brand voice demonstrates its core values and appeals to the target audience.

Analysing the demographics of potential buyers can help companies create a brand voice tailored to their target audience. Businesses can also develop a stand-out brand voice by conducting a competitor analysis. Creating a tone and voice "style guide" can help maintain consistency across all branded content.

Marketers should create a title tag of 50-60 characters long and include their primary keywords at or near the start. Marketers can conduct A/B testing to improve their keyword strategy. They should use H2 and H3 with variations of the primary keyword to boost SEO.

Targeting the right audience and providing them with hands-on, actionable content can help brands foster long-term customer relationships. Using images and graphics to explain complex ideas visually can help improve user experience and amplify SEO.

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