Product information vital for ecommerce

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May 12, 2021, 5:51 AM GMT+0

Widen’s 2021 connectivity report surveyed 155 leading marketers and creatives across the US and UK.

Despite being aware of the importance of product information in building trust and driving online sales, marketers struggled to utilise the data to its maximum potential, according to the study. Over 81% of brands “always” or “usually” use product information in their ecommerce marketing.

Marketers (36%) have “very high” control over the product details their brands publish on ecommerce sites, and 55% have “very high” control over the information presented on the websites. However, digital assets including photography and videos, as well as marketing material influenced sales for 72% of the marketers.

Websites (77%), ecommerce sites (73%) and in-store experiences (71%) were ranked “very important” product information objectives. With marketers and creatives trying to balance technology with a human touch, combining various types of product information creates a better shopping experience.

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