UTM code helps enhance social content

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May 12, 2021, 4:47 AM GMT+0

Brands can leverage user-generated content to boost engagement and extend reach on social media channels.

To reach target audiences on social media platforms, brands must craft a content strategy factoring in content types, tone, language and more. Marketers can gain information about prospects, understand their needs, and create resonant social media messages by listening to their audiences through platforms like Twitter.

Evaluating audience response to the content posted on social channels can help marketers craft content that generates engagement. Developing a buyer persona with elements like hobbies can further help businesses create social media messages.

Deploy polls and surveys on social media and interact with the audiences to enhance buyer personas. Adding Urchin tracking module (UTM) on links of social posts and auditing content strategy at least every quarter is recommended to collect insights and improve campaign performance.

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