Visual is the future of marketing

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May 12, 2021, 6:04 PM GMT+0

Nearly half of marketers rated visual marketing as very important to their overall marketing strategy.

People retain a significantly larger part of a message when communicated to them via visual means instead of audio-only communication medium. As a result, visual marketing has not only gained importance among marketers but has also become their top priority.

With videos are predicted to make up approximately 82% of global consumer traffic by 2022, around 51-80% of companies expect to rely heavily on visual content in the year ahead.  Bite-sized video content is expected to continue engaging online audiences in the future.

With 82% of users preferring to watch a live video from a brand over a typical social media post, live content is expected to grow further. Other trends that marketers should look out for are the rise of gamified visual content and increased use of AR and VR.

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