COVID-19 boosted consumers' AR adoption

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May 14, 2021, 2:14 AM GMT+0

Snap and Deloitte’s survey of 15,000 people highlights the impact of COVID-19 on Augmented Reality (AR) adoption among both brands and consumers.

Amid the pandemic, AR experiences have grown in importance for over 50% of consumers. Over the next five years, about three-quarters of respondents see themselves using AR a lot more than now.

The survey also found that conversion rates were 94% higher for companies that offered AR experiences for products than that those didn’t. Consumers further said their chances of considering a product could increase by 41% when featured in an AR ad.

Snap's Luke Kallis notes that so far AR has largely found applications in fun and entertainment activities. However, Deloitte Digital’s MD, Allan Cook highlights that brands are now “starting to see it as a legitimate marketing tool that can drive business results.”

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