Americans are open to CO2-based products

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May 17, 2021, 4:25 AM GMT+0

Over 2,000 Americans were surveyed to collect insights into consumers’ perception of carbon dioxide-based products.

Carbon capture and utilisation technology could capture billions of tonnes of CO2 if it were to be adopted across industries. However, consumers' willingness to purchase CO2-based products, will largely depend on the economic value companies can provide, to deploy the tech on a global scale.

The findings suggests that upon discovering how the technology can minimise emissions, 69% of consumers were open to the concept of carbon-based products. When asked if they would use a product made out of recycled CO2, 36% said, “probably yes”, followed by “not sure” (21%) and “yes” (14%).

One-third didn’t know if CO2 products are hazardous, and the remaining thought they were a health hazard. Consumers are concerned about the use of CO2 in carbonated beverages, plastic food containers and more.

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