Americans' drinking habits have changed

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May 17, 2021, 1:50 PM GMT+0

Morning Consult and Adweek American consumers to understand changes in drinking habits.

Drinking habits of half of the respondents have remained the same as last year. However, 23% of US adults said they are drinking more while 25% reported to drink less during this period. In last five years, drinking habits of 62% of consumers have changed.

On surveying about the popularity of the “beyond beer” category, the study found 57% of American alcohol consumers have heard of seltzers. 60% of respondents have tried hard cider and 59% of consumers have tried hard seltzer.

In contrast, only 13% of Americans have heard of “canned ranch water”, another 18% of consumers would like to try it. Apart from these, canned alcoholic lemonade, iced tea and other ready-to-drink cocktails are gaining consumer attention this summer.

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