Contextual ads could aid ad recall

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May 18, 2021, 1:17 PM GMT+0

A recent IAS study found Twitter users in the United States are open to personalisation and in-feed contextually relevant advertising.

The study found Twitter in-feed ads are gaining traction and earning consumer attention more than before. 46% respondents would rather interact with an in-feed ad on Twitter than on the open web.

Brands that appear next to personal content on social media could secure engagement from 54% of participants. 77% of users further said “they are comfortable sharing data with Twitter” in exchange of personalised ad experiences.

The study further revealed that US Twitter users favour contextually relevant, in-feed ads. If an in-feed advertising appears to be contextually relevant to the surrounding content, it would be remembered by around 59% of Twitter users. In terms of social media usage, majority of consumers use their mobile phones to scroll through the social pages.

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