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May 18, 2021, 2:30 AM GMT+0

According to a recent Bliss report, only 34% of people have opted in to share their data following Apple’s App Track Transparency (ATT) prompt.

With Apple’s recent ATT update and Google planning to phase out third-party cookies, advertisers must find alternative approaches to deliver contextual ads. However, Apple can still serve targeted ads by default and similarly, Google can use its universal ID to track user data.

While advertisers can also implement universal IDs to track users, this might cause issues, as universal IDs now are anonymous and opting out could be difficult. Businesses should invest in privacy-first technologies that don’t rely on consumers’ login credentials.

Embracing opted-in data can help brands acquire consented first-party data, as many users understand the value exchange of free content offered through ads. Shift from one-to-one personal data and find alternatives based on consumers’ lifestyles to deliver ads.

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