At 83%, CPM is the most used KPI

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May 19, 2021, 1:23 PM GMT+0

Based on a recent study by Association of National Advertisers (ANA), 83% of advertisers marketers marked CPM as their most used KPI.

ANA’s report “Media KPIs That Matter” highlights that advertisers’ most used KPIs may not necessarily be the most important. As most important KPIs for advertisers, conversion came in at 57% and lifetime value at 58%.

For 71% of respondents, ROI/ROAS is the most important KPI, followed by exposed ROAS at 63% and brand safety at 59%. In contrast, CPM (cost-per-thousand) was marked as the most used KPI by 83% of respondents, followed by CPC (cost-per-click) at 77%, unique reach at 77% and ROI/ROAS at 76%.

ANA CEO Bob Liodice said, “Marketers now demand specific and accurate indicators measuring the efficiency of their media buys.” This, Liodice notes, is indicative of advertisers paying close attention to “every aspect of their investment.”

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