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May 19, 2021, 1:39 AM GMT+0

Instead of chasing customers with “pick me” posts on social platforms, companies should offer value-focussed content to nurture cold followers.

Companies should avoid chasing consumers on social media and stop bombarding consumers’ inboxes with discount emails. Instead, they should create a system to nurture cold followers through value-focused content. Consistently sharing how-to content through social channels, email newsletters and podcasts can help nurture cold followers without appearing “desperate”.

Create both how-to and behind-the-scene posts, but post at least twice a week on social channels. Send one email with at least one how-to article every week. However, ensure the content offers real-value to prospects.

Consistently creating value-focused content and appearing in various media and podcast interviews can also help build brand credibility. Promoting video testimonials of satisfied clients can further help brands showcase the value they offer and win new customers.

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