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May 20, 2021, 12:20 PM GMT+0

Advertising on connected TV (CTV) gaming apps can help brands target consumers further down the sales funnel. 

Though streaming services like Netflix and Disney+ dominate CTV devices like Apple TV, the gaming apps have a significant foothold on CTV. Gaming is the second-largest category on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV, with 22% of apps on Apple TV representing gaming, as per 42matters.

With gaming apps being able to attract users in huge numbers, they are immensely popular on CTV, after streaming services. Casual games like “Crossy Road” along with complex games like “Asphalt 8” are among the highly ranked games on Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV.

Advertisers should leverage the highly engaging gaming environment to serve clear calls-to-action or for product placements. Further, because most gaming companies sell ad inventory programmatically, marketers can collaborate with them to analyse ad performances.

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