Monitor trends via behavioural targeting

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May 20, 2021, 1:33 PM GMT+0

Behavioural targeting and data analytics helps marketers evaluate campaign strategies and create and serve the right content at appropriate times.

Leveraging behavioural targeting enables brands to understand prospects better based on data, predict their actions and create interactive campaigns. To create campaigns based on behavioural targeting, monitor industry trends, use audience insights and more.

Keeping a track of industry trends and picking a niche can help brands work with highly specialised creators, influencers to craft tailored products and services. Capitalise on insights, like demographics and engage with consumers on social channels to collect real-time data, like feedback.

Researching and using hashtags on social media can help marketers boost the engagement rates for  digital campaigns and find relevant trends. Targeted listening across channels helps gather behavioural insights and feedback from alternative channels like Reddit.

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