Retargeting is crucial for selling

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May 20, 2021, 4:27 AM GMT+0

SharpSpring Ads and Ascend2’s recent survey found that 77% of marketers use retargeting as a part of their Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy.

With just 2% of website visitors converting on their first visit, marketers should implement retargeting campaigns into the mix, as per the report. 100% of marketers surveyed, said their retargeting budgets surpass $2,000 per month.

The likelihood of converting goes up by 70% for consumers that view retargeting ads. However, for B2C marketers, ad fraud (43%) and attribution (37%) were the top challenges in retargeting. B2B marketers listed resources (38%) and brand images (36%) as challenges.

Of those polled, 88% of marketers use AI tech to optimise retargeting campaigns or plan to do so this year. However, 47% of marketers believe customer service as a feature while retargeting should be improved. 88% of marketers state that single-view attribution is vital for retargeting.

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