Create podcasts to build an audience

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May 24, 2021, 6:42 AM GMT+0

Podcasting can help companies expand their audience base, connect with new consumers, boost credibility and convert casual followers into customers.

Consumers are more likely to feel “deeply connected” to a brand when they can hear a “voice.” Business owners should consider creating podcasts to connect with their prospects in a more intimate manner.

Podcasts can prove to be particularly useful in explaining complex concepts in a simple and easy way. Being an audio medium makes it an easier type of content to consume anywhere and anytime between work, cooking or commute.

As opposed to creating written content, podcast is less time consuming and easier to create. Companies can also repurpose podcast content into various formats from social media posts to newsletters and blogs. With podcasts boosting a brand’s overall online presence and adding value, companies are likely to convert more followers into loyal buyers.

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