Plan virtual event content strategically

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May 24, 2021, 11:10 AM GMT+0

Creating relevant and interesting content along with roping in the best speakers can help companies boost audience engagement for virtual events.

To plan a virtual event’s content, get a sense by quizzing employees or conducting pre-event surveys of past event attendees to discover resonant topics. Track industry and event related popular search topics on Google. Marketers could also experiment with creating 3D virtual experiences.

Hosting a guest performance featuring a popular entertainer can help create a lasting impact among event attendees. Use activity-based gamification like awards for answering a live poll or a comment on the public forum to further boost event engagement.

Partnering with a virtual dinner provider and hosting a virtual dinner can also amplify event engagement. Ensure to use a virtual event platform that allows live-streaming capabilities with engagement features like 1:1 video chats, push notification, Q&A and more.

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